Team Building

Team Building is an approach used by organizations to encourage team members (employees) to interact and integrate individual skills, talents and resources into a unified effort.


The main objective of team building is to have enjoyable time and fun as the members bond and learn how to work together, communicate and build healthy relationships.

Methodology and approach

This training will take a very practical, activity driven approach. It will be fun-filled, participative approach and every activity will have learning outcomes for developing high performance teams. There will be debriefing moments after every one or two activities with the trainer playing the role of a moderator.

Proposed team building activities

  1. The Helium Stick


  • Coordination, Communication, Teamwork, Consultation
  1. Squeezing the towel


  • Cooperation, Planning and strategizing, Communication, Teamwork, Consultation
  1. Minefield


Trust, Focus, Communication, Concentration

  1. Hoola- Hoops


  • Teamwork, Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Planning and Strategy
  1. Nail Balancing


  • Creativity, Communication, Consultation
  1. Balloon Caravan


  • Team work, Communication, Coordination, Cooperation, Consultation, Team leadership, Planning
  1. Rope Push


  • Critical thinking and problem solving, Negotiation, Cooperation, Collaboration, Conflict management & Resolution
  1. Balloons pair walk


  • Cooperation
  • Coordination

Expected Outcomes

  1. Improved communication
  2. Trust
  3. Team interdependence-complement rather than compete
  4. Creativity and critical thinking
  5. Initiative
  6. Cooperation
  7. Coordination
  8. Concentration
  9. Talent scouting and development
  10. Team leadership
  11. Conflict resolution
  12. Team work
  13. Relaxation and fun

Event will start in: